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      PERSONAL JAM                                         My playlist changes with the charts. (Give me all the genres.)                                    

     BEACH/MOUNTAINS                              Pool, at a resort, with full service, overlooking the beach.                                                                                                            (Sooo, does that count as the beach?)

     SECRET TALENT                                        There’s a hack for that!  I love to figure out a way to make it work!                                                                                                                               

     TAKE MY MONEY                                      Amazon. Instacart. Restaurants. (Seeing a theme of convenience here.)                                                                            

    GUILTY PLEASURE                                     The couch, comfy clothes, my dog, a blanket, coffee & doing nothing.                                                                                         


    ALTERNATE JOB                                         Full-time Mama…. but also once a teacher, always a teacher.                                                                                     






     When I was a teenager, I lost my only sister as a result of generational unacknowledged emotions, unresolved trauma, broken relationships, and lives lived apart from God.  The pain I carried from my story eventually caused my adult relationships to suffer.  It also created a need for control and certainty around parenting my children, and you and I both know that the words "control" and "certainty" do NOT belong in the same sentence as parenting.  By unraveling my story, God showed me the way forward, gave me healing, and showed me how to create joy in my relationships, as well as learn about who I am and what I am passionate about.  Now here I am, doing the same with you...nothing is wasted!


     I am a content creator, Aggie, teacher, wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to three kiddos, and most importantly, a child of God who finally knows she is loved and belongs.

     My faith in Jesus is very important to me and guides the perspective of my work. I bring an honest and practical approach to faith, relationships, and parenting through conversations that go below the surface!  I also know that this transformation stuff is hard and heavy, so we can't take ourselves too seriously.  A big ole' dose of sarcasm and humor is a must for me!

     Whether you find me on Instagram, speaking at gatherings, teaching, writing, or just talking in general - you can guarantee I'm going to be focusing on what matters to me most: creating joy in our relationships, and needing Jesus to do it!



On my own journey of curiosity and understanding of who I am, I discovered that I love to encourage, teach and discover with others as they learn about who they are!  Being trained as a life coach, helps me to meet people where they are, get to know them, encourage them, and be able to consider different perspectives!  

Life Coaching inspired curiosity in me, and for that, I am so thankful!  Since God called me to ministry in 2020, I no longer practice one on one coaching.



I use my knowledge of the Enneagram every single day.  It is my favorite tool to use for awareness, acceptance, and relationships!

Most of all, I use the Enneagram, not as a tool to "be better", but to know what I can surrrender to God and let Him "do better" through me.

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