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Roles We Play in Our Relationships, Communication in Marriage, and Navigating Relationship Tension

SHOW NOTES: Episode 17

Today, my husband John is back on the show for another episode and we are talking all about marriage of course! On this episode we discuss how marriages can unconsciously fall into certain roles that work well…until they don’t. We share how to identify when this might be happening, normalize the conversation around the difficulties, and offer practical tips on how to begin to change these dynamics.

John and I share about the significance of slowing down and being curious about yourself to enhance communication in relationships. When we are constantly busy and distracted, it can hinder us from truly understanding ourselves and our core values, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts in relationships. Being self-aware is key. This self-awareness can then translate into better communication with others.

We also give you practical tips today for improving communication, such as clarifying and defining any unclear complaints or issues that arise in conversations. We talk about the roles that we kind of fall into even unconsciously and how they can work well…until they don’t. We provide practical tips for navigating the tension that may come up and making changes in these roles. John and I talk about the importance of communication in all relationships, especially marriage, and we encourage you to approach your interactions with your spouse from a place of desiring to learn and grow. It’s important to be vulnerable and look internally to see what may be causing the tension. We also talk about seeking help and continuing to have hard conversations filled with kindness and vulnerability. Navigating tension and making changes in relationship roles takes time, but it is important to learn and grow together.

We hope this episode encourages you to live our your relationships unraveled and focus on the journey of discovery and growth together in marriage!

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  • Marriage

  • Roles we play in our relationships

  • Communication

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Relationship tension


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Life’s greatest joy and greatest pain come in our relationships with others.  God created us for relationships so it's no surprise that we learn best how to navigate them…together! 

On Relationships Unraveled, we will create an inviting atmosphere for conversations that goes below the surface!  We will unravel stories and relationship dynamics of all kinds (God, Self, and Others), through honest and practical conversations that shock the norm to create new perspectives and understanding! I am your host, Maranda Kirk, and I use my faith in Jesus, passion, life experiences, and training as a life coach and Enneagram coach, to unravel ideas around relationships. 

On this show, we will talk honestly and practically about relationship dynamics we all face, so we can live the life we were created for, be an inspiring example to others, and ultimately fan the flame of relational wellness!  I learn and grow tremendously from the conversations I’m having with people, so I want to bring you along, in hopes that, by listening in, you will feel supported as you are challenged and encouraged to apply new ideas, understanding or skills to the relationships in your life and begin making the changes you desire! By experiencing small wins, we create momentum as we make progress!

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