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Unraveling the Technical and Often Overlooked Side of Grief with Sarah Avitua

SHOW NOTES: Episode 29

I'm excited to welcome back our guest, Sarah Avitua. Today, we're diving into the technical side of losing a spouse and why it's crucial to have affairs in order. Sarah shares her personal experience with this. If you haven't heard her story, be sure to tune in to episode 3 before diving in.

Today, Sarah stresses the importance of potential challenges that may arise after a spouse has passed away if affairs aren't in order ahead of time.

Losing a spouse is an overwhelming experience overall, and the technical aspects can often be overlooked. Sarah stresses the importance of having a plan and discussing what each person wants for the other in the even that this happens. She shares her own experience with the practical aspects of dealing with passwords and access to accounts after her husband's passing. Being named as an equal authorized user on accounts is also so important. She even suggested creating a shared spreadsheet with passwords and email addresses that can be easily updated and accessed by both spouses.

It can be uncomfortable to discuss end-of-life planning with your loved ones but it is so important to have these conversations. I am thankful for Sarah coming on and sharing about her personal experience with this.

I want to encourage you to share this podcast episode with your spouse. It may seem morbid to some, but feeling empowered (as Sarah shared) in handling these matters is incredibly important. Trust and communication are key in any relationship, and it's essential to address these topics ahead of time. I hope you found this episode helpful today.

I would love to hear what you thought about today's episode on Instagram: @marandakirk or send me an email:! Chat with you there!


  • Importance of discussing and planning for the technical aspects of losing a spouse

  • Sarah's personal experience with life insurance

  • The significance of financial provision for widows and the importance of social security benefits

  • Practical aspects of dealing with passwords and access to accounts after a spouse's death

  • Importance of being named as an equal authorized user on accounts and having access to joint checking accounts

  • Creating a shared spreadsheet with passwords and email addresses for easy access

  • Having a support system and the significance of life insurance in providing for one's family after death

  • Starting the conversation and addressing hurdles of access to bank accounts and life insurance

  • Discussing end-of-life planning and the importance of having these conversations with loved ones

  • Approaching these discussions seriously and sincerely, rather than making light of them



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