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Navigating a Mid-life Unraveling

SHOW NOTES: Episode 32

Have you ever heard of mid-life unraveling? So often we hear the words “mid-life crisis” but I like how Brené Brown said it best — a “mid-life unraveling.” Unlike the commonly known midlife crisis, which is often associated with a specific event or cause, midlife unraveling is an ongoing process. It's a phase of life that can look different for everyone and can occur at any age.

I share about my personal experience with this unraveling in my early 30s and share my perspective on what to do during this time. I know for me, I had to surrender control and ask for help which can be hard to do but ultimately it led me to personal growth. As we go through life, we develop coping mechanisms and beliefs about ourselves that we think make us valuable and lovable. However, there comes a point in midlife when these coping mechanisms may no longer serve us. It’s important to let go of coping mechanisms that no longer serve you.

Remember, this is a lifelong journey of learning and growing. It's about embracing the process of midlife unraveling and finding the courage to become the person you were always meant to be.

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  • The concept of a mid-life unraveling

  • How mid-life can occur at any age

  • Coping mechanisms and beliefs about yourself

  • Surrendering control and asking for help

  • The lifelong journey of learning and growing


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Life’s greatest joy and greatest pain come in our relationships with others.  God created us for relationships so it's no surprise that we learn best how to navigate them…together! 

On Relationships Unraveled, we will create an inviting atmosphere for conversations that goes below the surface!  We will unravel stories and relationship dynamics of all kinds (God, Self, and Others), through honest and practical conversations that shock the norm to create new perspectives and understanding! I am your host, Maranda Kirk, and I use my faith in Jesus, passion, life experiences, and training as a life coach and Enneagram coach, to unravel ideas around relationships. 

On this show, we will talk honestly and practically about relationship dynamics we all face, so we can live the life we were created for, be an inspiring example to others, and ultimately fan the flame of relational wellness!  I learn and grow tremendously from the conversations I’m having with people, so I want to bring you along, in hopes that, by listening in, you will feel supported as you are challenged and encouraged to apply new ideas, understanding or skills to the relationships in your life and begin making the changes you desire! By experiencing small wins, we create momentum as we make progress!

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