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Unraveling the Truth Behind New Year's Resolutions

SHOW NOTES: Episode 42

It’s almost the New Year and that means that so many are focusing on New Years resolutions. I want to suggest a different way to look at New Years resolutions in today’s episode. 

In the episode, I mentioned the top ten most common resolutions, such as exercising more, losing weight, and getting organized. These resolutions have been consistently popular for a long time, yet many people struggle to achieve them. This made me wonder - is there something missing?

I believe that instead of solely focusing on what to do to make changes, it is important to also consider who we are and what internal factors may be influencing our ability to achieve our goals. It's important to use this time to self-reflect, take responsibility for our actions, and step out of our comfort zones. 

I also discussed the societal pressure to focus on highlight reels and achievements. But for the new year, I suggest a different approach. Instead of making resolutions and goals, I encourage you all to look for God's presence and blessings in your lives. By reflecting on the ways in which God has shown up and brought growth and transformation, we can shift our focus to gratitude and anticipation for what the new year will bring. God’s highlight reel of your year looks a lot different than what a typical highlight reel of the year may look like and I encourage you to find that in this year!

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  • New Year's resolutions and personal growth

  • Common resolutions and their challenges

  • Shifting perspective and focusing on self-discovery

  • Understanding internal factors and roadblocks to personal growth

  • Finding God's presence and blessings in our lives

  • Shifting focus to gratitude and anticipation for the new year

  • Looking inward and seeking personal growth

  • Finding fulfillment through seeking God's presence

  • Approaching the new year with joyful anticipation and rest


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On this show, we will talk honestly and practically about relationship dynamics we all face, so we can live the life we were created for, be an inspiring example to others, and ultimately fan the flame of relational wellness!  I learn and grow tremendously from the conversations I’m having with people, so I want to bring you along, in hopes that, by listening in, you will feel supported as you are challenged and encouraged to apply new ideas, understanding or skills to the relationships in your life and begin making the changes you desire! By experiencing small wins, we create momentum as we make progress!

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