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[SUMMER REPLAY]: What To Do With The Elephant in The Room | Holiday Series

SHOW NOTES: Episode 39

Happy Thanksgiving! We are throwing it back to a summer favorite, of what to do with the elephant in the room. This is a perfect episode to be a part of our holiday series because we all know that the holidays can bring a mix of emotions and tensions.

We’ve all heard the term “the elephant in the room”. Usually this is referring to a major problem or issue that is present but everyone seems to avoid talking about. Something like this may come up during the holidays and I want you to be prepared.

During the holidays, it's not uncommon for tensions to arise or for past conflicts to resurface. Many of us may choose to ignore these elephants in order to maintain a sense of peace and avoid uncomfortable conversations. By doing so, we risk allowing these issues to fester and potentially cause even greater strain on our relationships. Ignoring the elephant can lead to a sense of disconnection and hinder the true meaning of togetherness that the holidays are meant to bring.

I want to inspire all of you to embrace the holiday spirit of openness and courageously address your elephants. By doing so, we can create a more joyful holiday season for ourselves and our loved ones. Let's make this holiday season one filled with love, understanding, and meaningful conversations!

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  • Definition of the "elephant in the room"

  • Negative impact of avoiding the elephant in the room on relationships

  • Importance of acknowledging and naming the elephants in the room

  • Using the strategy of knowing and naming elephants in conflict

  • Creating openness and ease in conversations by acknowledging recurring issues

  • Diminishing the size of the elephant in the room through naming it directly and specifically


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