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Find Peace During Family Gatherings by Breaking Free from Old Patterns | Holiday Series

SHOW NOTES: Episode 41

On today’s episode of Relationships Unraveled, I am bringing you another episode on navigating the holidays. I am sharing a simple, yet effective tool for navigating social situations with family: keep moving. I want to help you prevent falling back into old, potentially negative roles. 

When we go to holiday events with our family or people we grew up with, we often slip back into old roles that were developed previously. Even if you are aware of this, it can still happen! To prevent falling into these old roles, identify the triggers or patterns that lead to negative experiences. For instance, sitting around and talking for hours on end may sometimes lead to tension or conflict. By recognizing these patterns, we can keep moving and maintain our normal routines. This can involve activities such as reading, doing laundry, going for a walk, or spending time with your kids.

This can be used not only during the holidays but also in everyday gatherings and relationships. I am grateful you tuned in today and I hope that you feel equipped and encouraged to apply what you learned in your own lives. Remember, the key is to keep moving and avoid falling into old patterns.

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  • Tool for navigating and finding peace during gatherings with extended family, coworkers, or any group of people

  • Prevent falling into old roles by identifying triggers or patterns that lead to negative experiences

  • Keep moving and maintain normal routines to avoid getting stuck in old roles

  • Suggestions for staying engaged and avoiding negative experiences (reading, doing laundry, going for a walk, spending time with children)

  • Importance of continuously moving forward


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Life’s greatest joy and greatest pain come in our relationships with others.  God created us for relationships so it's no surprise that we learn best how to navigate them…together! 

On Relationships Unraveled, we will create an inviting atmosphere for conversations that goes below the surface!  We will unravel stories and relationship dynamics of all kinds (God, Self, and Others), through honest and practical conversations that shock the norm to create new perspectives and understanding! I am your host, Maranda Kirk, and I use my faith in Jesus, passion, life experiences, and training as a life coach and Enneagram coach, to unravel ideas around relationships. 

On this show, we will talk honestly and practically about relationship dynamics we all face, so we can live the life we were created for, be an inspiring example to others, and ultimately fan the flame of relational wellness!  I learn and grow tremendously from the conversations I’m having with people, so I want to bring you along, in hopes that, by listening in, you will feel supported as you are challenged and encouraged to apply new ideas, understanding or skills to the relationships in your life and begin making the changes you desire! By experiencing small wins, we create momentum as we make progress!

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