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Are You Caught in the Web of Codependency?

SHOW NOTES: Episode 36

Are you caught in the web of codependency? On today’s episode, I am discussing the concept of codependency and its impact on relationships. Codependency is not necessarily just about neediness, but can show up in different ways such as control or insecurity.

Codependency can take on different forms depending on our personality types. For instance, if you crave control, you may show codependency by needing others to follow your rules or ideas. On the other hand, if you are insecure and overly concerned about others' opinions, you may find your well-being hinging on others' reactions.

I use the analogy that codependency is like a spiderweb in a relationship. Think of a relationship where the other person's actions significantly impact you. The spiderweb symbolizes the codependent patterns that keep us stuck, unable to break free.

The key to breaking free from codependency lies in setting boundaries. While this can be challenging, a good starting point is to identify where codependency exists in our lives. It’s so important to set boundaries to manage codependency.

I want you to reflect on your own behaviors and relationships as you listen to today’s episode and let me know what you thought! Send me a DM on Instagram @marandakirk or an email to


  • Codependency and its impact on relationships

  • Misconceptions about codependency

  • Codependency is a struggle that can be managed

  • Codependency is like a spiderweb

  • Sticky patterns created by codependency

  • Importance of setting boundaries


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