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Managing Honest Feelings: Unraveling Respect

SHOW NOTES: Episode 35

I am sharing my unique approach to respect today, particularly as it relates to parenting.

I value honesty and open communication with my children, even if it may come across as disrespectful at times. My approach may be different from the norm, but I believe it is important for my children to learn how to stand up for themselves and express their opinions with kindness and respect.

I prioritize the internal feelings of respect my children have towards me as a parent. I believe that external behaviors can be meaningless if there is contempt or lack of genuine respect in the heart. I share the importance of setting boundaries and respecting each child’s comfort level. It's important to emphasize teaching children to manage their honest feelings and thoughts. This approach may go against societal norms but I believe that by having these conversations and intentionally pouring into their lives, children can learn to navigate relationships with honesty and respect.

I know you may not agree with my approach but I invite you to listen and then share your thoughts with me on your own perspectives. I believe in being authentic and sharing your own perspective. It helps build quality relationships.

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  • My approach to teaching respect to my children

  • Prioritizing internal feelings of respect over external behaviors

  • Valuing honesty and open communication with children

  • Teaching children to stand up for themselves and express opinions with kindness and respect

  • Importance of respectful and honest conversations

  • Prioritizing quality of relationship with children over demanding respect

  • Setting boundaries


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Life’s greatest joy and greatest pain come in our relationships with others.  God created us for relationships so it's no surprise that we learn best how to navigate them…together! 

On Relationships Unraveled, we will create an inviting atmosphere for conversations that goes below the surface!  We will unravel stories and relationship dynamics of all kinds (God, Self, and Others), through honest and practical conversations that shock the norm to create new perspectives and understanding! I am your host, Maranda Kirk, and I use my faith in Jesus, passion, life experiences, and training as a life coach and Enneagram coach, to unravel ideas around relationships. 

On this show, we will talk honestly and practically about relationship dynamics we all face, so we can live the life we were created for, be an inspiring example to others, and ultimately fan the flame of relational wellness!  I learn and grow tremendously from the conversations I’m having with people, so I want to bring you along, in hopes that, by listening in, you will feel supported as you are challenged and encouraged to apply new ideas, understanding or skills to the relationships in your life and begin making the changes you desire! By experiencing small wins, we create momentum as we make progress!

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