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Do We Really Value Our Time? Exploring Our Relationship with Time with Retha Nichole

SHOW NOTES: Episode 34

Do you really value your time? I know what you’re thinking, “Of course I do!” but I want you to really think about it as you listen to today’s episode. I have my business coach, Retha Nichole, on the show today to discuss the importance of our relationship with time. Retha has years of executive professional experience and is a sought after speaker, trainer, and executive coach with a unique perspective on various issues and challenges facing the professional woman.

Time is a constant in our lives. We talk about it, we plan around it, and we often complain about not having enough of it. But how often do we truly value it?

We talk about how we talk about and spend our time and the mindset shift from “I didn’t have time” to “I didn’t make time”. This subtle change in language highlights that we have time for the things we prioritize. It's about being honest with ourselves about how we spend our time and knowing that we have the potential to change. As Retha said, “We all have the same twenty four hours in a day.” It’s important to make sure we are spending that twenty four hours in a way that serves us and our goals.

Retha shares more about the importance of morning routines, sharing more about Sunday Planning, where she prepares for the week ahead by organizing schedules, meals, and finds pockets of margin. We also talked about the need for balance and teaching our children the value of time.

This was a powerful conversation that I know you’re going to be inspired by! If you find yourself struggling with time management, this is an episode you are going to want to tune into!

I'd love to hear if this episode helped you. Send me a DM on Instagram @marandakirk or an email to!


  • Importance of time and how we value it

  • Mindset shift of saying "I didn't make time" instead of "I didn't have time"

  • Examining how we spend our time

  • Being honest with ourselves about how we choose to spend our time

  • Valuing time as a way to show respect for others

  • Finding ways to create more time and space in our lives

  • Setting boundaries and finding balance



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