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How Can Setting Healthy Boundaries Improve Your Relationships?

SHOW NOTES: Episode 37

How can setting boundaries actually improve your relationships? I’m debunking common misconceptions about boundaries and stress to you the need for a healthy motivation when setting these boundaries.

It’s important to not only set healthy boundaries but to take responsibility when we are thinking about what we are contributing to the relationship. Boundaries have really been a trendy topic lately, but there’s often a lack of discussion on how to actually put them in place in a healthy way. Unhealthy boundaries do not effectively improve relationships so I’m chatting more on that today as well.

In this episode, I give you examples and advice on how to navigate challenges that may arise when setting boundaries with loved ones. It’s important to have open communication, consistency, and understanding.

The goal of setting boundaries is to move a relationship forward in a healthier way. It’s crucial to avoid using boundaries as a means of punishment or revenge, because this does not serve the purpose of a boundary.

Consistency is key when setting boundaries. Setting unrealistic boundaries that cannot be carried out is a recipe for failure. Resentment is often a sign of missing boundaries, so I encourage you to reflect on areas of your life where you feel resentment in order to identify where boundaries are needed.

It's okay if your loved ones don't fully understand the reasons behind the boundaries, as long as they are given reassurance and understanding. Remember, it's possible to walk this road without others fully understanding, and staying loving and accepting can help soften the impact of the changes on the relationship.

Are you implementing healthy boundaries in your relationships? Tune in and let’s unravel this together!

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  • Importance of setting healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Need for a healthy motivation when setting boundaries

  • Common misconception about boundaries

  • Setting boundaries without seeking guidance may lead to unhealthy boundaries

  • Goal of setting boundaries is to improve relationships

  • Caution against using boundaries as punishment or revenge

  • Importance of taking responsibility

  • Importance of consistency and realistic boundaries

  • Navigating challenges when setting boundaries with loved ones


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